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Last Updated On: 10/30/2012

Weary travelers can heave a partial sigh of relief with New York Governor Andrew Cuomo's announcement today that JFK airport in New York City would reopen tomorrow, ie. October 31, 2012.

But LaGuardia airport has suffered extensive damage because of flooding and it will be a few more days before flights can land and take off from there.

LaGuardia Airport ClosedLaGuardia Airport Flooded (Photo: JetBlue)

Liberty International Airport (EWR) in Newark (NJ) also remained closed Tuesday.

No word yet on when it will reopen.

Many Travelers Stranded

Thousands of travelers in the Northeast have been inconvenienced due to the closure of the three NYC airports, JFK, LaGuardia and Newark Liberty because of Hurricane Sandy.

Citing the flight tracking service FlightAware, the Wall Street Journal said Sandy had caused cancellation of 16,000 flights as of Tuesday morning.

Although some flights will be resumed Wednesday, it'll be several days before all the stranded passengers can reach their destinations.

Air Trains from JFK and Newark continue to be suspended.


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New York is a citythat is simply beyond compare. Once you touch down at JFK Airport, you would bebowled over by the essence that can be felt in the air. This extraordinary citywelcomes people from all walks of life and with arms wide open. Normally, touristdestinations boasts of their natural beauty or heritage but JFK is a city whichtakes pride in being most affluent tourists destination in the world. Very goodpresenting for this blog. Love reading these trip reports! For more information related totraveling to JFK...


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