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Last Updated On: 5/2/2011

Time is one such medicine which heals all wounds, no matter how deep or painful they are. Who would’ve imagined at the time Vietnam War, that this war ridden place which had seen its share of blood and destruction would become one of the most sought after holiday destinations. Vietnam with its heritage and scenic beauty scores over a lot of other popular holiday destinations like Bali, Sao Paulo, Singapore, Cebu etc. So if you are planning to go on a vacation which is a little out of the box, then this part of the globe might fit your tastes and standards.

The first thing which you have to do, when it comes to packing is that you should pack clothes for almost every weather due to Vietnam’s complex climatic conditions. The seasons at Vietnam vary according to the destination. For example if you are planning to visit the northern part of Vietnam, then be ready for a hot and dry sunny day. Be ready with your pullovers if you are planning a trip to the mountains and if you’ve planned a trip around the month of June then do make it sure that you’ve packed your rain coats and umbrellas. So do make sure that you book a cheap flight to Vietnam in the right season.

Vietnam is big, but there are certain sites which have made it to the list of must visit places on earth. One such place is the Halong Bay which is famous for its lime stoned islands and twice has been recognized by UNESCO as a world heritage site. Halong Bay offers a series of cruises so that you can admire the magnificence of its rich scenic beauty.

Next up in the list is sapa, which is close to the Vietnam-China border, is at an altitude of about 1600m and it is said that the kind of beauty you witness cannot be witnessed at any other part of the globe.

Now, that you are all ready to witness the vivacious Vietnam, the next thing is to get a good deal on the flight tickets to Vietnam. The best way to do that is that you should look for online travel portals let you book tickets to Vietnam. Such travel portals can work wonders for you as not only can they get you cheap economy class tickets to Vietnam, but you can also get a good deal to get cheap business class tickets to Vietnam.

A lot has changed since the war and Vietnam would make you realize that at every step of your vacation.

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