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Business Class Airfares, Serious Savings

 Business Class Airfares, Serious Savings

Save big on business class airfares, sign up today!


Air Ticket Deals

Los Angeles Sydney $1392 round trip
New York London $905 round trip
Chicago Mumbai $844 round trip
Washington Beirut $741 round trip
San Francisco Manila $890 round trip
New York London $2341 round trip
Los Angeles Tokyo $3090 round trip
New York Mumbai $3026 round trip
Newark Madrid $3324 round trip
Los Angeles Shanghai $3777 round trip
Last Updated On: 7/15/2011

These days many airlines offer lucrative frequent flyer programmes for their loyal customers who travel frequently with them. This is their way to say thanks and that they appreciate their loyalty. Mostly business travellers are the ones who feature mostly in the list of esteemed frequent flyers. These programmes are well liked by them as they offer various premium offers like use of airline lounges, frequent up gradations, free tickets, and many more wonderful schemes.

One million lifetime miles is a magic number that many frequent fliers dream about. This magic number offers them with an elite status to the fliers who have spent much time flying with a particular airline.

The scheme of offering lifetime elite status is not given by all airlines. The frequent travellers must try to find out about the airlines which offer this wonderful scheme. Many airlines do not publish information regarding to such programmes in their public relation materials. It is also recommended that the fliers must check their miles on a regular basis.  

In North America many prominent airlines like American Advantage, Continental OnePass, Aeroplan, Delta Skymiles, etc offer lifetime elite status o their loyal customers bringing a smile and sense of satisfaction on heir face. American Advantage is the only airline that offers accruing miles from various other sources also like car rentals, stays in hotels, etc. This special status is bestowed upon the clients on the basis of number of elite qualifying miles or segments accumulated by them. The miles that are accrued on partner airlines with whom the main miles have alliances with are also added to their account.

Some co branded credit cards also offer the facility of earning miles to their credit card holders and this offer takes them closer to gaining the status of life time elite status. These days there are many cheap flights, cheap tickets, cheap airline tickets, cheap flight tickets, etc are available easily bringing fliers more close to this coveted status.  Cheap flight tickets are offered by cheap airlines helping business travelers to accrue more points.  


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