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Last Updated On: 5/11/2012

I was browsing through travel news sites, and I hit pay dirt when I read an article, Hotel Booking Tools, Risks have Buyers Eyeing Science of Compliance.  The article was discussing how many corporate travelers are breaking out of the compliant toolbox to book hotels.  The article talked about “the seemingly endless information and tools now at travelers' fingertips can butt up against corporate mandates supporting traveler safety and security.”  What I came across were websites I have never heard of that gave travelers an edge in saving money and time—something every travel wants to do. 

I thought this was a really innovative site.  Created by travelers for travelers, it seeks to help you find a cheaper hotel price.

  • How it works—Once you have found the hotel you are looking for, you make a reservation.  You then bring that reservation to BackBid along with any preferences you are looking for, and they will post your reservation with hotels in the area you are traveling to.  If the hotels can offer you a better price that includes the preferences you are looking for, they will make a bid for your business.  You can choose to be notified of the bid through email or just by checking your account often.  If you decide to accept that hotels offer, the reservation and the payment are completed through the hotel.

The cool thing if you don’t get a bid then it means you found the cheapest rate and you keep your original reservation.  The only major thing to remember is to cancel your original reservation if you choose to accept a bid.  The new choice hotel will not do it for you.


There was a company who had a website and Tingo was its name-oh, T-I-N-G-O. . . .oh, sorry, just reminded me of that song about Bingo and the farmer. 

  • How it works—Anyways, this company incorporates the same sites that offer you similar savings.  The difference is they also have hotels listed that will have a special symbol next to it.  If you choose to book that hotel, and the price drops, Tingo will continue to book that new low rate, and send you the difference.  If the price rises, you don’t have to worry as you are locked into that low price that you wanted.

You just have to be sure to choose the hotel that has that special money saving symbol. 

Room 77

This name reminds me of a horror movie, except this is where the movie has a happy ending and everyone turns out just fine.

  • How it works—Like all sites that promise to save you money, this has an added twist so your voice can be heard.  You tell them exactly what preferences you want and they will deliver.  

Room 77 has been getting rave reviews.

Our Upgrade

This is a business travelers blessing.  When your business trip will be longer than 10 days, hotels are given the chance to compete for your business by offering tempting morsels such as perqs, points, massages, and other access that you might not normally get.

  • How it works—you tell Our Upgrade when your trip is and how much your company is letting you spend.  Then, in their capable hands, they spend the next few days negotiating the best upgrades that meet the “guest’s brand, geographic, and quality needs.”  You select the best, and Our Upgrade will book directly with the hotel.

The cool thing is, this company calls your hotel to remind them of the upgrades the day before you arrive.

Now you can do the body builder flexing of your biceps to show how you made a strong choice, or maybe you prefer the stadium stand with your arms raised above as you stand up and then sit down, or my favorite—the balled up fists that you extend out and circle back in while you do a little hip action at the same time.  However you choose to celebrate, you are now empowered with these new tools.


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