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Last Updated On: 4/6/2012

My husband and I have visited Tijuana, Mexico several times, and besides the bars and tequila, there are the street vendors.  You can find everything you need.  At a glass vendor, my husband bought me a unicorn that had wings.  I saw vendors of leather, jewelry, handbags, wood, etc.  You could bring back most everything across the border.  My mom got a wrought iron cage built for her parrot there. 

Street vendors can be found in any city and country you go to.  If you find your travels have taken you to New or Old Delhi, India, you will definitely want to stroll through the many street vendors while there.

Lajpat Nagarlajpart nagar

If you have packed short sleeves, tank tops, and shorts for your vacation, you need to re-think your wardrobe.  India is very strict on what parts of the body are okay to expose.  The above is a definite no-no.  Here are Lajpat Nagar, among the many other artisan wares, a woman can find the perfect kurti top or salwar kameez.  A man can even find the perfect top and pants to fit in.  If you are one to accessorize, these vendors will have the perfect accessory to compliment any look.

describe the imageChandni Chowk

For a serious exploration of street vendors, visit Old Dehli's Chandhi Chowk.  Who knows whose footsteps you will be walking in as this shopping area has been in existence for hundreds of years.  Its nooks and crannies promises to be an adventure, and its street vendors promise a full view of of its wares as each part offers unique items.  If you want to view fabrics, you will need to go to Katra Neel.  If silver calls to you, then Dariba Kalan is the place you will want to go.



Looking for unique gifts and knick nacks to take back home, Pahargani has the perfect vendors for you.  Besides clothing, you will find textiles, incense, music, and more. 

Remember Aladdin?  You will be accosted to buy anything.

SHOPKEEPER 1: Buy a pot. No finer pot in brass
or silver.
SHOPKEEPER 2: Sugar dates, sugar dates and figs! Sugar
dates and pistachios!
SHOPKEEPER 3: Would the lady like a necklace. A pretty
necklace for a pretty lady.

Be prepared to haggle, and have a good time!


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