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Last Updated On: 6/21/2011

A beautiful place,Finlandis nestled in the lap of nature. Winter season, especially has a lot of charm and people are attracted to the famous snowtels built every winters here. The temperatures, below zero instead of keeping people indoors, make them more active. Since cheap air tickets are available, tourists from all over the world come and visit this place.

At this time of year, many hotels exhibit annual shows of snow and ice hotels. In these hotels, everything is made of snow, even restaurants. Seats made of ice and chairs covered with fur of reindeers give a thrill to onlookers. They are beautiful from structural point of view, sometimes carving is done on them.

Ice artists get a wonderful opportunity to showcase their talent which is famous globally. While constructing these hotels, people use some steel framework, sculpted ice blocks and snow. Marriage halls made of ice make it more romantic for people who want to get married in such mesmerizing cool and white beautiful structures.

There are many cheap flights available these days and tourists in large numbers make use of their services buying cheap airline tickets and making their vacations memorable. A variety of cheap business class flights are also available that are cheaper then full service airlines but better than the economy class. No one can easily forget the enthralling sight of these magnificent ice structures.

SnowCastles, Forts, wedding places, etc are just some of the places which are magnificently carved from ice and built every year in winters that attracts tourists in large numbers from all over the world. Snow Castle of Kemi atFinlandis one of the largest forts made up of snow. It is really sad to see them melt as the summers approach but the hope never dies. Next winters, carvers and artists are again ready with their new creations and the world literally swoons to see them. 


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