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Last Updated On: 8/18/2011

citizens availing more vacations for medical tourism in comparison to the German market for health vacations abroad, the number is steadily increasing.

The destinations that are most visited by Germans for health reasons are Spain, followed by Italy and Austria. Similarly for the reasons of medical and surgery are Poland, the Czech Republic and Hungary.

The statistics reveal that more and more women these days prefer to take health related vacations. They go for medical reasons rather than take health vacations. However in both categories, they far cross the number of male counterparts taking up such vacations.

Staying healthy is very important and people are becoming more and more health conscious these days. Even German citizens know about the significance of staying healthy and energetic.

These days competition has become very tough which usually results in lot of tension and stress among people. Germans are now taking health vacations to combat the problem of stress and frustration they have to battle with everyday. They want to stay fit for their jobs so that can work better and produce good results.

It has been seen that in past 5 years, the number vacations in wellness and spa resorts have risen by 30 per cent. Conversely, the trend of medical tourism has abated a little.

These days’ people have become more vigilant about their health and the need to stay fit and this is motivating them to go for health vacations.

Statistics reveal that Germans are far more interested in health and medical tourism in other countries rather than their own or their European neighbors.

In comparison to their European friends, it has been seen that Germans and Russians are much keener to take health vacations. With German
Thus people have realized the importance of this famous adage, “Health is Wealth” and club pleasure with health related benefits.

Book cheap airline tickets in business class with air-savings and go for a health vacation.


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