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Last Updated On: 2/3/2012

Whether you are traveling to Europe on business or pleasure, the tickets were expensive.  You have made allowance for food, tours, gift shopping, and things to do in Europe.  However, when you get off at your destination, you are quoted an outrageous airport transfer price.  While you knew you needed a way to get to your hotel or another part in the city, you did not know you were going to get robbed.  While the prices that are quoted here are current, keep in mind that as money and the economy goes, prices may fluctuate up or down.  Either way, there are still cheap airport transfers even in cities like Italy, Greece, and Ireland.

Venice, ItalyVenice Water Taxi

Transportation from the Marco Polo airport can be inexpensive depending on what form you take.

  • The Alilaguna--the cheapest by water, but slowest way to go.  From Marco Polo airport to Murano is 7.00 EURO.  From Marco Polo to San Marcos, and other stops, you will be paying 15 Euro.  This transportation does have drawbacks as they have a set amount of passengers they can take.  You might end up being the odd man out which means you will have about 20 minutes before another boat will come by--sometimes longer.  Unless you are in a hurry, this is not the transportation you want as it will take up to an hour and forty-five minutes to reach a destination. You can find discounts online: www.venicelink.com, www.veneciconnected.com.

  • Private water taxi--  This is the most expensive, 80-125 EURO.  They are private, and more narrow so they can fit in places that the Alilaguna can't.  You can book them by visiting  www.veniceairporttransfers.co.uk,  www.veniziataxi.it, or www.motoscafivenezia.it

  • Airport Link--for 27 EURO, you can hire this small taxi  to get to your hotel.  It is not private, but it is still a cheap airport transfer.  Good thing is, it only take 30 minutes to get to the center of Venice.

  • ATVO--By land, this is the express coach, nonstop.  The approximate time to get from the airport to the center of Venice is 20 minutes.  Tickets cost 5.00 EURO for one way, and round trip costs 9.00 EURO.  Be sure you know which one you are taking as one also goes to the Mestre Airport.

  • ACTV--This public bus operates at fifteen minute intervals, and is about a 25 minute ride.  For one way it is 5.00 EURO, and for round trip it is 9.00 EURO

Athens, Greece

Don't be fooled into thinking you need to pay over two hundred dollars for airport transfers.  Cheap airport transfers can be found through these services:

  • Taxi--will cost you about 40 EURO

  • Suburban and express buses--faster than a taxi and is usually around 4 EURO, but may be quite a bit more depending on where you are going

  • Subway Stations--usually around 4 EURO

Dublin, Ireland

Cheap aiport transfers you can take are three bus connections:

  • Aircoach--Is 7.00 EURO for one way, 12.00 EURO for round trip and you can use this for direct routes or to other cities from the airport

  • Airlink--Is 6 EURO for one way, 10 EURO for round trip, and if you have children, 3 EURO for them.  From the airport, you will want to choose Airlink bus 747 or 748.  It will get you to the city in about 30 minutes.

  • City Bus--If you have very little luggage and the exact number of coins for 2.3 EURO, this is a very cheap airport transfer.

  • Taxi--This will cost you 20 EURO and will take about 30 minutes to the city.

Don't think that you have to pay outrageous fees just to get you to your destination as there are cheap airport transfers if you just look for them in the right place.


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