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Last Updated On: 7/30/2011

Since globalization and privatization, the number of business travellers has been increasing with every passing day. According to a study conducted by Global Business Travel Association (GBTA), business travellers are segmented into give categories. This classification is based on characteristics such as goals, use of technology, characteristics and demographics. The categories are-


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# The veteran;

# Road Weary

# Wide eyed and anxious

# Passionate high tech

# New recruits

Each category of business travellers differ according to their characteristics. The travellers falling in veteran category are those who have an average of 12 trips per year. These travellers are usually unruffled and take frequent travel in their stride. Since they understand the importance of face to face meetings, it becomes imperative for them to travel frequently. They are well accustomed to the rules of road and do not look at business travel as a hassle.

The second category is road weary travellers who travel on an average 15 trips per year. The people falling in this category are the ones who are now showing burnt out syndrome as they have become totally hassled with frequent travels. The balance between work and life is unhealthy and they find ways to avoid travel.

 Wide eyed and anxious category consists of business travellers who on an average travel 11 times in a year. They travel less frequently in comparison to above categories and they believe that their travel forays disrupts their routine. Although they enjoy travel, they are very anxious as they are not very well versed with the rules of the road.

Passionate and high tech category business travellers travel 13 trips per year on an average. In order to enhance productivity, these travellers like traveling for technology knowledge purposes. They are quick to embrace any new technology entering the market.

Lastly a new recruit for who travel is something new and interesting travels 14 trips per year. They are more interested in sight seeing rather than getting the work done.

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