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Last Updated On: 1/31/2012

You are looking for cheap business class flights to Istanbul, and whether this trip will be for business or pleasure, you want the best.  You may have a list that people have given you based on their great experience on airplanes they flew, where they stayed, and even places they ate at.  Sometimes that is not enough.  You want to know what other people think too.

Here are some updated reviews from Tripadvisor.com and Skytrax--based on the last six Istanbul, Turkeymonths--for flying business class flights, hotels to stay in, and great restaurants.

Best business class seats to Istanbul

You just want the airline to get there.  If you are only flying for a few hours, it won't matter which airline you choose.  If your flight to Istanbul will be ten or more hours nothing would make your trip more comfortable than to fly an airline that has the best business class seats.  Based on Skytrax, here are the recommended airlines for business class flights that fly to Istanbul.

  • Swiss International

  • Air China

  • Emirates

  • Asiana

  • Qatar

  • Etihad

  • Air India

Best business hotels in Instanbul

Long flights make for grouchy people, and we all want to go to out hotel and just relax, maybe take a nap.  There are so many hotels to choose from them, how can you narrow any down. What if, without having done any research, you book one that does not even have your room ready and then does not even try to make up for it while you wait?  Fortunately, based on recent stays, here are some hotels that many business travelers recommend.

  • Neorion Hotel

  • Hotel Amira Istabul

  • Sirkeci Konak Hotel

  • White House Hotel Istanbul

  • Witt Istanbul Suites

Best restaurants

Many business class flights have great seats, but what about the food?  Maybe the food was good too, but a cramped space to eat?  After a nap, you would love to eat at a restaurant, but like the hotels, they are everywhere.  You don't want to get food poisoning from undercooked food, so which do you choose?  Here are many reviews that both business and leisurely travelers have recommended.

  • Tria Elegance Restaurant

  • Matbah Restaurant Ottoman Palace Cuisine

  • Metropolis Restaurant

Your stay may be just a few days to a few weeks, and nothing makes a trip more worthwhile when you have researched.  Reviews are wonderful, and while not everyone has the same expectations for business class flights, hotels, and restaurants, it will take a lot of guessing out of it.  Traveling internationally can be stressful, but don't guess what would make your trip successful, know that it will be successful with these reviews.

Have you traveled to Istanbul recently?  What would you recommend?


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