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Cruise ships or business class airfares? 
The boss calls the employee in to tell him or her that some loose ends need to be tied up for this contract he got, and it needs to be done ASAP.  He informs the employee to book a cruise to not only finish business, but to impress their new client.
"Uh, boss?  You need to book a cruise line months, if not over a year, in advance to get the best rooms."
The boss, taps his finger on his chin in thought, "Yeah, you're right.  Tell you what, book a cruise for our next year's Christmas party instead.  Alright, it's settled, book us two business class airfares."
Here are some negatives to a business cruise vs. business class airfares.

The Cons Of A Business Cruise
For Christmas parties, award ceremonies, even incentives would make a business cruise appropriate. However, tying up loose ends, traveling between two or more businesses, and even doing business on the road several times a week make booking business class airfares more reliable, and less expensive.  Here are some drawbacks in using a cruise for business:
  • Practical--While cruises are nice, they are not practical for traveling business men or women.  Whereas booking business class airfares are.
  • Business on hold--Landry & Kling say booking a cruise for business can put perspective back on track, but they do not explain that to defer or put off meetings and clients can potentially lead to loss of revenue.
  • Communication fees--When you need to email for business, cruises charge for internet use.  Business class airfares do not charge you to use your phone or internet.
  •  Provisions--On a cruise line, a business does not have to worry about bringing their own equipment as cruise lines can provide what a business needs, but at what extra charge?
  • Cabin space--small, cramped rooms are what is usually available unless you pay higher premiums, and book well in advance.
Booking business class airfares does not mean he or she can't have all the amenities a cruise can provide.  When money is not an issue, the world is open to any amenity whether it is a spa resort, a Broadway play, a concert, or any other fun activities. So, the next time he or she needs to propose meetings and continuing education, book business class airfares.


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