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Last Updated On: 4/11/2012

If you are traveling, do you ever want to go someplace where there are no tourists, or very few?  Maybe to a place where you literally feel like you are the only one there because it is that quiet and isolated?

Would you believe that Bali has one of those spots?  I know, I couldn't either. 

AmedAhmed Bali

While, I have not traveled to this place, I have heard people say it is kind of hard to get to, but so worth it. Amed is not one village, but a series of small villages linked together.  Amed happens to have more choices for eating, accommodations, and dive operators.

If you are a couple who is traveling on their honeymoon, or just to spend time together, you might want to travel to the less traveled and more isolated town, Aas. It is the perfect environment to find romantic hideaway places.

tanah lotTanah Lot

I remember when I first saw the James Bond movie, For Your Eyes Only, and I wondered how the hell did people build a house or retreat way up on the mountain?  I mean, it was just so far up there.  While Tanah Lot is not built on a rock very high up, it is built by the sea on a rather large rock formation.  When high tide is at highest, the temple is not accessible.  I would not be surprised if this temple was built there for that purpose.  When no one but Bali's gods can interrupt those worshipping.  This temple is a definite must see.

The Rock Bar at the Ayana Resortrock bar at ayana resort

I wrote an article, The Best Rooftop Bars, in which I discovered many bars built on top of hotels that gave way to the most amazing night lights of some of the most popular cities to tour.  At this resort, while not on a tall city hotel, it puts you as close to the ocean as possible without actually having to swim.  Really amazing place to visit for the sunset as you literally have front row seats facing the ocean.  Just listen to the music, hold a glass of your favorite drink and enjoy the show!


padang bai Padang Bai

This beach is actually part of many beaces you will find while walking the coast of this small town.  If you have ever traveled before, you know about those places where you just had the most amazing time and you don't want to leave.  This is one of those places.  Truly a gift to those looking for a place to just explore, relax, and enjoy.



Jimbaran Bay

You can enjoy the fantastic sunset, swimming, and ambiance in Jimbaran Bay.  There are also two main restaurants that have garnered rave reviews for seafood.  One is Lia, and the other is the New Matahari Cafe.  Most reviews I have come across state that the ambiance wins over the pricing.  Many people stated that it can be expensive, but most agreed that the seafood must be tried at one of these restaurants.

Bali is definitely a must see.  Too many places to see and things to do. Trust Air-Savings.com to help you find really cheap flights to Bali


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