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Last Updated On: 8/9/2012

Survey results sometimes reveal the oddest streaks in human thinking.

We've all heard of young children barred from Broadway shows, special movie shows for parents with tiny tots etc.

All to keep us away from young children whose ‘monstrous crime’ is that they occasionally bawl out or can't keep still.

Another Strike at Children

Now comes another survey result where tiny tots are again at the receiving end.

A recent survey by GO Airport Express found that 30% of travelers would be willing to pay more to sit in a designated child-free area.

I think it's an abominable wish.

But a designated child-free area was the third most-desired will-pay-for amenity by travelers.

If you think that's bad, wait till you know what's at the bottom of the list.

A mere 4% of travelers said they would pay extra to sit in a designated child-friendly area.  

GO Airport Express, which provides airport shuttles to and from O'Hare and Midway airports in Chicago, said it polled travelers nationwide for the survey.

Apparently, 360 people responded.

Sometimes I wonder how the adults of today’s generation evolved.

What will travelers be willing to pay for next?

Child-free lounges, child-free flights, child-free airports?

Other Things Travels Will Pay For

So what are the other in-flight ‘perks’ travelers will pay for?

More leg room topped the list. No surprise there.

In the survey, 48% of travelers indicated a willingness to pay for more leg room. It's hard to quarrel with this choice given how airlines are squeezing more of us in lesser and lesser space.

Second on the list of will-pay for amenity is WiFi. Some 33% of travelers would pay for WiFi.

We live in a tethered world. And for many of us, even 15-minutes away from the Internet brings about a severe anxiety and withdrawal attack.

Is it any surprise then that every airline these days is introducing WiFi.

Some travelers are even willing to pay for amenities that once used to be free.

Remember free in-flight meals? Well, 21% of travelers said they'd pay for the meals.

Movies got just 9% of the votes and pillows and blankets received 5% of 'ayes.'

Aisle seats (13%) handsomely beat out window seats, which were picked by less than 6%.

Cramped and stuffed overhead bins prompted 9% of travelers to say they'd open their wallets for larger bins.

The option to submit seatmate preferences got 11% to give an assenting nod.

What in-flight ‘perk’ would you be willing to pay for?


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