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Last Updated On: 6/8/2011

As security everywhere tightens amidst increasing threats from terrorists and other anti social elements, airlines have come up with yet another solution to bolster their defences. If things go according to plan, very soon every commercial airliner will have a 911 emergency call service which will enable airline crew to simultaneously alert up to 100 government agencies in the wake of a crisis.

The technology is being produced by InFlight Labs LLC, the same company that made it possible for passengers to use Wi-Fi in planes. According to InFlight Labs, pilots and staff, using the same Wi-Fi technologies, will be able to communicate to the InFlight 911 ground team, and through them, to any of the numerous government security agencies such as the FBI or the CIA, alerting them of any suspicious or malicious activities. The service, of course, can also be deployed outside the US in other countries, although it will require the installation of additional infrastructure – both in the planes and on the ground.

The consequences of this will be immense. Any threat on any plane will instantly be known by the relevant authorities on the ground, giving them enough time to prepare before the plane lands. And it will be especially useful when air traffic control personnel cannot be reached.

Of course, the true advantages, and drawbacks, will only be known once the technology is actually operational. Let’s just hope that this service be a good additional layer of safety for the passengers, and a probable deterrent for the terrorists.

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