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Last Updated On: 4/4/2012

Scotland is a very beautiful country that can attest to its rich history with the standing remnants of its past.  scotland ruin

If this is your first trip to Scotland, you will need to know what essential things you should bring before going.  Here is a list of some important things to do before your trip.

Scotland Essentials 101

  • Will you need a visa?  In most cases, no.  However, if you have been a criminal, were refused entrance to the UK at some point, you are there to get married, you will need one.

  • You will definitely want to make sure your passport is up to date, even if it is due to expire after you get back, you want to make sure you have completely renewed it for the year.  Unforseen circumstances might keep you there longer--you never know.

Scotland Essentials 102

If this is your first trip to Scotland, here are the packing rules do's and don'ts.  There are so many things to remember so I will narrow it down to the most important.

  • Don't bring your electric hair devices from home.  In the UK, their socket is 240 volts at 50Hz.  In the U.S., it is 110 volts at 60Hz.  With the hassle of conforming your electric hair device to meet the standards in Scotland, it would be better to just buy these items when you get there.

  • Do make sure, with the carry on baggage you bring, you have stocked it well enough to survive for up to two days.  Yes, airlines have been known to loose baggages.  Envision your carry on as an emergency bag.

  • Do bring your iPod.  One can hardly survive anymore without music.

  • Do bring a camera.  However, keep it handy at all times as cameras have been known to get pilfered.

Scotland Essentials 103

Don't over pack.  The word of advice is to pack half of what you think you need.  The weather is usually cool and damp, but the summers are very pleasant. This list will be the essentials you will need for the coming summer.

  • A raincoat with a warm liner when the temperatures drop at night.

  • A light weight jacket or sweater jacket for the sunny days.

  • Bring jeans and shorts. 

  • T-shirts

  • Bring two pairs of comfortable walking shoes, and a pair of nice shoes that can be worn with anything.  I have a pair of black shoes that are cloth-like on the top and leather siding.  They are so comfortable that I wear them with just about everything.  I have a pair of black flats that I wear, and they match most of my clothes.

  • P.J's--light and heavy.

  • Sweats if you like lounging in them.

  • Underwear and socks.  Lots.  Unless you are staying with relatives, cleaning can be expensive.

  • Bathing suit

  • Umbrella

  • Club wear if you know you are going to be going to any.

  • Jewelry can be kept to a minimum as you can always buy some there.  I have two ear piercings, and I always keep my favorite studs in the top, and then change out earrings on the bottom to match my outfit.

If you are still looking for cheap flights, www.air-savings.com will get you the best deal.  Don't forget to have them hook you up with some tours too.


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