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9 ways to book cheap flights to India from the U.S (1 of 3)

Last Updated On: 1/8/2013

Finding cheap flights to India is a daunting task to say the least. Most people simply look for flights to India on the most popular travel sites, or on one of the popular search engines. What they don't realize is that not all agencies are created equal. Most DIY travel sites offer airfares that are cobbled together by combining one way fares to make the fare cheap, but buying a multi carrier ticket could land you in trouble in the unfortunate event  you need to make changes to your itinerary, or cancel for any reason. Using the following tips will help you save on your next flight to India.

cheap flights to india

  1.  Look for a destination specialist: Airlines offer special net airfares to a select few agencies that can promise them volume to a certain part of the world. You can find several agencies for a destination by searching on your favorite search engine with your destination as a keyword, for example you can search for "cheap flights to India" on any of the popular search engines to get a long list of agencies that specialize in Travel to India. The other place to look is free newspapers, or publications. Most agencies place advertisements in both paid, and free newspapers. 
  2. Compare airfares from more than one source:Don't be in a rush to pull out your wallet with the first agent you speak with. They may be giving you a good deal, but you can get results from more than one agent, and go with the one you are most comfortable with.
  3. Compare airfares from more than one Airlines:Most people would prefer to fly non-stop to India, as the flight time is reduced considerably, but if you compare prices from airlines that have one stop along the way, you may save anywhere from $50 - several hundred dollars. The difference is even bigger in Business, and First Class.

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