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Last Updated On: 10/25/2012

Bangkok is the capital of Thailand. Owing to the abundant natural beauty, Islands, Beaches, and points of interest, Bangkok is ranked among the most visited cities in the world. One can easily book cheap flights to Bangkok at Air-Savings.com for any time of the year. Bangkok is a hub for most of the commercial and financial activities in Thailand.  Only in Bangkok you will find the biggest outdoor market in Asia called Chatuchak, as well as some of the most remarkable temples, and historical monuments, as well as the Grand Palace.

Bangkok is the premier destination for food lovers; one can find a variety of mouth watering delicacies to satisfy even the most demanding food lovers. In fact, Thai cuisine has gained popularity all over the world due to the abundant use of fresh herbs, and spices. One can find the best street food, to the most elegant restaurant cooked meals in Bangkok.

Bangkok is also called the city of spas thanks to the recently developed wellness centers, and spas that have carried forward the legacy of traditional Thai massages. Bangkok also has accommodations to fit almost any budget. One can find inexpensive Bed and Breakfasts, Youth Hostels, Motels, Homestays, all the way up to the most luxurious resorts in the world. Air-Savings.com can take care of booking your cheap flights to Bangkok, as well as Hotels, and Resorts in Bangkok.

The best way to get around Bangkok is via taxi, Skytrain, or the Underground trains.

Other tourist attractions include diving sites, sandy beaches, various tropical islands, a Rocking night-life, archaeological sites, museums,  rare bird, and animal species, flora, and fauna, palaces, countless Buddhist temples, and several World Heritage sites. However, if you have the time, you can even take some Yoga courses, Thai Cooking lessons, Thai Massages classes, or the national sport Kick-Boxing.

The Thai national festivals range from the water splashing Songkran, to the Loy Krathong, which are based on mythological stories. Among the other popular festivals in Thailand are the "Elephant Round-up" held in Surin, the Rocket Festival in Yasothon, and the"Phi Ta Khon" festival in Dan Sai. Come experience this beautiful city of Bangkok. Let Air-Savings.com help you get Cheap International Flights to Bangkok.