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Last Updated On: 10/25/2012
Newark is New Jersey’s cosmopolitan centre. Newark, New Jersey founded in 1666 is third-oldest major city of untied states of America. How ever land area wise it is the country's smallest, occupying only twenty-four square miles. This largest city of New Jersey has a population of only 267,000 as per 2000 census. It serves as the centre of activity for an area of 2 million people spread over four counties. It is located about 5 miles west of Manhattan and 2 miles north of Staten Island. Thus, Newark provides main link to the tourist sights and attractions of New York City in a much more relaxed and developed environment. It has a number of attractive destinations characterized by international fare, major league sports, first class entertainment, cultural riches, living history and bustling shopping. No wonder, major airlines offer cheap flights to Newark.
Newark is a Cultural hub. In the city you will come cross numerous art and cultural societies, places such as libraries, museums and so on. Some of them include; the Newark Public Library, Newark Museum, New Jersey Historical Society, the magnificent New Jersey Symphony Orchestra, Newark Boys Chorus, Garden State Ballet, WBGO Jazz Radio, and several smaller art galleries. Apart from this, the city proudly flaunts its two important concert halls—Symphony Hall and the New Jersey Performing Arts Centre. The latter is a new addition to the city's scenery, where top Billboard acts along with international orchestras and theatre are hosted. These are visited by Newarkers and New Jerseyans alike.

The Lincoln Park/Coast district is a Cultural District with an Arts Park, the Museum of African American Music are also other visitors hot spots. A number of the city's historic skyscraper and art-deco buildings have been splendidly preserved.  Then, there is The Cathedral of the Sacred Heart. It is one of the largest Gothic cathedrals in the United States. The unimaginable brilliant and intricate stained glass adds to the beauty of the cathedral.

On knowing all about Newark if you are tempted to fly to the city then take cheap flight to Newark now.