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Island Paradise on Earth: Komaneka at Tanggayuda

Last Updated On: 7/1/2014

Who doesn’t dream about the perfect honeymoon? My idea of perfection is a secluded island destination that brings together tranquility, spectacular nature and a stellar service. Bali has long been on my list of must-visit places and the plans to get married in the summer gave me the perfect opportunity to visit my island paradise.

The place that we chose for our stay was Komaneka at Tanggayuda – though the name is difficult to spell, the photos of the place make it stand out immediately.


Writing this review is actually a difficult task. This heavenly place can never be described in words. In addition, I find myself trying to preserve the spectacular experience and keep it to myself. Still, we had such a great time that I found myself motivated and inspired to help others discover Komaneka’s authentic charm.

Komaneka at Tanggayuda is located in Ubud – a travel destination that is the polar opposite of lively, noisy and overpopulated Kuta. If you are looking for seclusion and the perfect romantic atmosphere, Ubud is the place to be.

The complex consists of numerous poolside villas that resemble something taken out of your favorite fairytale. Depending on the villa you choose, you will get access to a swimming pool, a private veranda, the most spectacular view on Earth or all of these features at the same time.

Komaneka resort makes full use of the place where the villas are located. You will be inspired by the greenery and the picturesque nature of the Oos River valley.

The Villa

All of the villas have something special and unique about them. Natural materials are used, making the place blend perfectly with its surroundings.

Beautiful fabrics, stone and hardwood work together for the creation of a splendid and highly sophisticated interior design. Each villa is equipped with a range of vital necessities, as well as a few additional pleasantries.

There is nothing over the top about these villas and their simplicity is probably the biggest asset. Upon arriving and unpacking, you immediately start feeling as if you are a part of nature, as if you truly belong to this place. I have never experienced such an emotional response to a vacation destination in the past.

The Dining Experience

After cheerfully exploring the luxury of the villa for a good hour, I decided to check out the culinary temptations that Komaneka at Tanggayuda has to offer.

Poolside dining is a must! Alternatively, you can try the restaurant that uses high quality local ingredients in the preparation of the meals. The spectacular view from the restaurant contributes even more to the dining experience.

The breakfast is the most impressive Komaneka at Tanggayuda meal. Whether you want to try traditional Balinese morning meals, waffles, pancakes or a selection of delicious local fruits, you will be surprised by the diversity and the quality of all food choices.

If you want to give yourself a truly memorable vacation in Bali, Komaneka at Tanggayuda is the place to be. Located away from the central part of Ubud, the resort provides the seclusion and the luxury that are defining for some of the most amazing holidays. Choose your villa of preference and start packing right now. Waiting for your honeymoon is certainly not a prerequisite for a visit!

Plan Your Escape!

 Plan Your Escape!

Access exclusive offers for vacations, flights & more.

Immediately get a discount sent right to your inbox!