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Four Seasons Hotel in Paris

Last Updated On: 6/5/2014

The Four Seasons Hotel in Paris is the epitome of Paris luxury. From rich golds to classic navy blue and feather beds, your stay in the Four Seasons Hotel George V, Paris will truly be one of a kind. I wanted to stay at the Four Seasons because it was a piece of history. This eight-story landmark was constructed in 1928 and has been the standard of luxury in Paris for generations. The design alone is something you won’t be able to stop admiring. And, if you’re new to luxury hotels, you’ll be even more in awe at the exquisite design and décor of this legendary Paris location.

The Accommodations

As with most Four Seasons locations, the Four Seasons in Paris is full of luxury accommodations. Guest rooms include Premier, Deluxe and Superior options. While these might sound like discounted, budget rooms, there is nothing “budget” about them. In fact, they’re so lavishly decorated and comfortable, you will never guess you’re in the cheaper guest room.

The Four Seasons is not short of suite options. The suites are spacious, offer exquisite architecture, and modern classical designs. Most suites come with their own living area as well as a bedroom. The Penthouse Suite, however, is truly remarkable. Located on the 8th floor, the Penthouse features a gorgeous terrace for dining outside, a dining room, living area, a luxurious bathroom and more. The view from the Penthouse suite is spectacular — you’ll see everything from the Eiffel Tower to downtown Paris on your own personal terrace.

Exquisite Dining

It doesn’t matter if you’re looking for a Four Seasons Paris discount on rooms or not, you need to try the fine dining at the hotel. You’re in Paris, so I recommend eating French cuisine at least once while you are there. The Le Cinq in the Four Seasons is remarkable. This prestigious restaurant features some of the finest French dishes in the country. Even better, the menu features fresh ingredients straight from France — no imports.

Le Bar is a great place to unwind after a long day of touring the country. Its rich decorations and setting allow for intimate conversations, but it is still accommodating to big parties.

The Wine Cellar of the Four Seasons is remarkable. Built just before WWII, this 45 foot below ground structure carries 50,000 bottles of fine wines from around the world. You can enjoy one in one of the restaurants or have one sent up to your room.

You might think that the Four Seasons is out of your budget, but there are plenty of Four Seasons Paris discounts to choose from. So, if you want to stay in Paris and enjoy the luxury lifestyle, I highly recommend going to the Four Seasons for your Paris stay.