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Last Updated On: 8/18/2013

Lahore, the second largest city of Pakistan is also the capital of the north-eastern Punjab region. It also happens to be the country's cultural capital.

The climate of Lahore is quite pleasing.  However winter and spring are the best seasons to travel to Lahore. If you want to get cheap flights to Lahore, You should book for the off season, such as October - November. Airfares to Pakistan are  extremely high during the summer.

The city is not only famous for its stunning and historic buildings, but for the dazzling and picturesque attractions, amazing shopping malls, and the great standard of living enjoyed by the people of the city.

One of the major tourist spots in Lahore is the Walled Town which has the Lahore Fort, the Badshahi Mosque and the Inner Town. The Badshahi mosque is the biggest mosque in Lahore, it is also Lahore's most famous landmark.  Visitors can marvel at the elaborate architecture of the temples and shrines such as, Imperial Baths and the Asif Jah Haveli. One more monument that must not be missed is the Minar-e Pakistan or the Eiffel Tower of Pakistan.
Aside from this, parks in Pakistan include; Jallo Park -drive-in park, Hiran Minar.

Lahore' night life can be enjoyed at a number of places namely; Farmhouse, the Caviar Longue and Club Bhurban.
Finding accommodations in Lahore is quite easy. One can find luxurious hotels, as well as small lodges and local inns to suit every pocket.

Lahore has a great Public transportation, in addition to numerous Taxis, and Shuttle buses.

Lahore is also the hub of traditional Pakistani food it also has many modern restaurants like pizza hut, Dukin Donuts, Nando’s, Hardee’s etc.

Lahore is also famous for its vibrant and colorful festivals. Basant is one such festival. Held in the spring season between March and April, it attracts  tourists from different corners of the world. Tourists enjoy this festival immensely. In fact various airlines offer special discount on Flights to Lahore during basant in the city.