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When you get great deals through Air-Savings.com, you can get more than cheap international airline tickets.  Air-Savings.com is one your one stop shop for the best cheap business class flights as well as deals on vacations. Have you ever thought about taking a cruise?

A cruise vacation is not what Katie Holmes buys when she wants to get away from her movie-star husband, Tom. A cruise vacation is what husbands buy when they want to treat their wives, or girl-friends, or both, to a ride on one of those magnificent floating cities.  

Cruise vacations come in all sizes and shapes. Some cruise vacations ‘go nowhere.’ I once had a great 4-night cruise vacation on a ship that was docked in the harbor of a major city. We stayed tied up to the pier while all the ship's navigation and control electronics were removed and replaced with state-of-the-art stuff.

of course, that does raise the question, is it really a cruise vacation, if you don't actually cruise? My position is, it was a vacation on a cruise ship, so that qualifies as a cruise vacation.

But the best cruise vacations are on ships that actually go somewhere. That still doesn't mean the cruise vacation has to stop any ports. Remember, the name of the trip is not port vacation.It's cruise vacation.

There are cruise vacations where you leave harbor, cruise around on the ocean for a few days, and then return to port. While beyond the continental limits, out on the ocean, you enjoy gambling in the casino, shows in the lounge and fantastic food in the restaurants. You cannot tell me that is not a cruise vacation!

But my favorite cruise vacation involves visiting interesting ports-of-call.

The cruise vacations on the mega-ships are fine. Many people like them. But my preference is for cruise vacations on medium to small ships that can fit into smaller, less frequently visited ports.

Wait, I must take that back. My favorite cruise vacations are the ones booked through www.air-savings.com. They are specialists in discounted air fares and cruise vacations.  

They save me big money two big ways. Their airfares are discounted big time so I can fly long distances to the most interesting cruise vacation home ports. Then they save me money on the cruise vacation itself.

I'll bet you Tom Cruise never does THAT for Katie.

Alaskan Cruise Reviews | Why Visit Alaska | Air-Savings.com

4/22/2014 5:47:22 PM
Most of the main travel spots across the world are going to be packed for Memorial Day. Everyone takes advantage of the holiday and travels. So, what can you do for Memorial Day that lets you get out, see the world and avoid the crowds? An Alaskan cruise. From the icy fjords across the Pacific Ocean to the snowy peaks that stretch across the water, you’ll feel as though there are no bounds in Alaska. See all of the sides of Alaska this summer and avoid the crowds too by checking out the vi...