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Found Discounted Airfare to Australia? Tips to Save Even More on Your Australian Vacation

Last Updated On: 3/30/2014

Australia is known for being one of the more expensive destinations in the world. In fact, the flights alone could put your budget over. But, once you have secured your discounted airfare to Australia, you’ll want to get savvy for the adventure. There are ways to see what Australia has to offer without blowing your budget, but it might mean going away from the usual attractions and enjoying more local fun.

Some Accommodation Tips

Hostels are usually where budget travelers go for accommodations, but in Australia, you will have a few more options than your average hostel. In fact, locals often rent out spare rooms or guest houses on their property for significantly less than a hostel. You’ll have to ask around once you get there though, because these cheap rentals are rarely advertised.

If you are the adventurous type, skip the accommodations and enjoy free campsites across the country. Here you can set up your tent and stay the night, free. There are also caravan pack sites where you can enjoy a good night’s rest, but expect to pay up to $20 per night for it.

Saving on Transportation

Australia is a big country to explore and you’ll eventually have to break down and pay to get from one point to another. See if you can carpool or rent a campervan. Campervans are popular for tourists in Australia because they provide you with instant overnight accommodations and travel in one. If a campervan isn’t for you, you can still buy discounted rail passes that let you have unlimited train rides for up to three months. These also include the long-distance trains that go across the country.

Dining in Australia on a Budget

You have worked hard to get cheap flight tickets to Australia, so now is not the time to blow your budget on food. Groceries are extremely expensive in Australia, so if you think you will save by buying your own food, you would be wrong. When dining out, go with tap water. The water in the country is clean and safe and it can save you $3 to $4 per glass. In Australia, alcohol comes with a heavy tax. Cocktails, for example, cost up to $20 per glass. You can visit the local pubs for cheaper brews, but either way, the liquor will cost you in the end.

Instead of using the expensive tours, explore the country on your own. There are guides out there that tell you all of the hotpots and with the right maps, you can find your way around. If you can, find cheap flight tickets to Australia during the off-season, resorts and activities are often offered at a discounted rate.