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Saving Money on a Trip to London Heathrow

Last Updated On: 6/5/2014

London is considered one of the most expensive cities in the world to travel to. Each year tourists make their attempts to visit this historical city on a budget, only to fail miserably. In fact, more travelers are bypassing the idea of going to London altogether — simply because of the cost. But, there is a way to travel to London without breaking the bank.

Find Cheap Flights to London Heathrow

London has economical travel options and cheap flights into London Heathrow airport. If you can save on your flight, you’re already one-step in the right direction for saving on the entire trip. Traditionally, international flight costs are expensive. But, if you book early enough and look for specials, you could save significantly on your flight — leaving extra funds in the budget for accommodations and food. There are six major airports in the area — each of which services hundreds of commercial flights on a daily basis. With that type of volume, you are sure to find some sort of cheap flight into London Heathrow.

Saving on Accommodations

Hotels are the second place most travelers spend their budget. In London, rooms are often undersized and highly overpriced. But, there are a few ways to save on your accommodations:

  • Check out budget hotels — these are often located by the airport instead of the downtown area.
  • Stay at a bed and breakfast.
  • Check out hostels.

Lastly, you could rent a room. A lot of families in London rent out portions of their homes to tourists — usually for a fraction of the cost of local hotels. By renting a room from a local, you’ll have direct access to someone that knows all of the tricks of London, the best places to eat, and even the fastest way to get somewhere — because London is also known for its extensive traffic.

Things to Do On a Budget

Just because you’re on a tight budget doesn’t mean you cannot have fun in London. There are plenty of free or close to free things offered in the city, including:

  • Taking a stroll downtown. You wouldn’t believe what there is to see just walking down the streets of London. From local merchants selling goods from their carts to walking through historical downtown areas that are so rich in culture.
  • Visit a night theater. Night theatres in the park are usually free and highly entertaining.

Saving on Transport

You may find cheap flights to London Heathrow, but you still have to get around once you’re there. Most travelers avoid renting a car – after all, they’re driving on the left side of the street. But, if you’re not afraid of driving on the opposite side of the road, check out budget car rental companies (usually at the end of the line in the airports). The London Underground is also perfect for budget travelers. Also known as the Tube, you will need a daily pass so that you can ride it as often as you need. You can buy passes for the day, week or weekend — and they’re cheaper than paying for each trip.

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