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Last Updated On: 1/12/2013

With today's economy what it is, finding cheap airline tickets to Kathmandu is more than an ideal situation - it is a necessity. But no matter how bad things may get, travelling should always be on our agenda. Taking time to; experience another country, compare another's lifestyle, taste amazing dishes we would never be served at home, is the equivalent to many hours on the therapist's couch... and way more fun!

Kathmandu is a beautiful city, with healthy mix of modern conveniences and a definitive old world feel. You also get three cities for the price of one as Kathmandu has two sister cities; Lalitpur and Bhaktapur. Kathmandu is the capital of Nepal; however, all three cities are integrated with regards to tourism, culture and economy.

So you've been successful in finding a discounted flight to Kathmandu, and you've certainly saved a packet. Your heart rate is still pretty high from jumping up and down with glee and the burning question is what to do with all those savings made from finding cheap airfares to Kathmandu? How about a moment of tranquility in the Garden of Dreams?  An essence of Europe in the middle of the city where the bustle of nearly one million inhabitants can pass you by unnoticed.  Still have some of life's stresses in your system? Then get a massage at the Seeing Hands Clinic or visit one of the many temples for a  release surpassing the physical. Or perhaps it is the physical aspect which really gets you moving. Dedicate a day or three to a mountain trek by bike or on foot, or go for a spot of rock climbing and of course if all else fails to hit the spot, there is always shopping!

A trip to Kathmandu is an experience to be neither missed or forgotten. There is a wealth of activities to take part in and places to visit; you couldn't possibly exhaust them all in one trip so of course you will need to return again and again. And with the savings you make when finding cheap flights to Kathmandu, returning again and again will not be a problem.