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Last Updated On: 1/28/2013

Holidays in Colombo, the main commercial centre of Sri Lanka, is an epitome of hilly and marshy land. Though the climate is hot, but it rains heavily during monsoon. Its strategic position and natural harbour have made it a suitable place for East -West sea trade route. It became the capital of Sri Lanka during British rule and retained the same position even after becoming independent in 1948.

The Asian country is dotted with attractive places like tea estates, waterfalls, gardens and heritage places. Let me bring to you a sneak peek of Sri Lanka tourism. The majority of the population in Sri Lanka is Sinhalese while Tamils, Muslims, Malays and other minorities are also a part of the local community.

Sri Lanka is famous for sapphires, red rubies, cat's eye, zircons, tourmalines, garnets, topaz and amethysts gems, whilst the designs you will find will vary from traditional to modern. Popular jewellery stores in Colombo include; Alankara, Bullion Exchange, Careems, Colombo Jewellery Stores, Ridhi Design Studios and Sifani.

One of the most famous land marks and sites to see in Colombo is the Beira Lake. On this lake, there is a chance that visitors can see the many boat races that are hosted in its waters. The banks of the lake are also used as a theatre of any kind, from comedy to tragedy. The lake has been around as long as the city has, and it has always been a favourite. Colonists used it for defence of the city in the past.

Srilanka is round-the-year destination. The only way to reach Sri Lanka is via air. The international airport in Colombo welcomes direct flight from Australia, Europe, Middle East and other Asian countries. Also, a number of flights are operated between Colombo and India cities like Delhi, Mumbai, and Chennai, Trichy, Thiruvananthapuram etc.

Sri Lanka is a value for money holiday destination offering wonders which include white sandy beaches, serenity, great hill stations with flourishing greenery, thrilling adventures in the mountains and off the riversides, astonishing wildlife and a rich legacy. The warm and friendly smiles of the people look forward to welcome all its tourists to their beautiful land.