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Chicago Mumbai $844 round trip
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Newark Madrid $3324 round trip
Los Angeles Shanghai $3777 round trip
Last Updated On: 5/12/2014

Europe is the perfect vacation destination for Leisure travelers. With its abundant natural beauty, rich history, and modern marvels of technology. Europe is the obvious choice, if you are looking for a vacation you will remember for years to come. From celebrities, to back-packers, to families with kids, Europe has the allure that pulls you year after year. There are hundreds of Daily Flights to Europe from every major city in the U.S. For a couple of hours more than an average flight from New York to the west coast, you can enjoy the luxury of a European Vacation. We recommend these 5 destinations as the best vacation destinations in Europe. Now thanks to the state of the art booking engine from Air-Savings.com, Cheap Flights to Europe are just a click away.

  1. London England:    Tourists from the U.S will find this destination very convenient because of the language factor. London has a rich history, and monuments that are oozing culture, and tradition. London has some of the most vibrant pubs, restaurants, and clubs. We give London two big thumbs up.

  2. Paris France:Paris is home to world renowned artists, and designers, some of whom have been immortalized by their works. Paris is also ideal for lovers, or newly weds. Countless men have gone down on their knees under the Eifel tower to propse to their beloveds. Some of the most notable sites are the Eifel Tower, Louvre Museum, and the Notre Dame Cathedral. You will enjoy an out-door meal, or espresso at one of the out-door bistros. The french just love eating out at these bistros.

  3. Rome Italy:Italy is home to some of the most beautiful archeological structures, Museums, and Cathedrals, home to the Vatican City. Italy is a beautiful country, with beautiful people. Florence, Milan, Calabria have abundant natural beauty. The Island of Malta, which is a short ferry ride away is another beautiful vacation destination.

  4. Madrid Spain:Madrid is the European version of New York (The city that never sleeps). The Night life in Madrid is something to experience. Other notable things to do in Madrid are the street fairs, Street food. Apart from the street life, there are a number of archeological marvels, as well as museums. Street life in Madrid peaks between March, and August, when one can enjoy live music, and dancing out-doors.

  5. Prague Czech Republic:Prague is the road less traveled in a figure of speech. The city is filled with Beautiful building made with gothic architecture, and historical landmarks. One can easily say that Prague is one of the most beautiful cities in the world. The city is renowned for it's cobblestoned streets, spiral buildings, and famed bridges. Also don't miss the famous Lubkowicz Palace, Old Town Square, St. George's Basilica which is one of the highlights of the city.

  6. Marseilles France:Arguably the best place to visit in france if you are a foreigner. The trancelucent turquoise water looks very inviting. Some of the notable places in Marseilles are, Calanques Marseille-Cassis, Basilique Notre-Dame-de-la-Garde, Vieux-Port, Arc de Triomphe de la Porte d'Aix, Galerie Jouvène, Fontaine Castellane, Musee de L'OM.

  7. Brussels Belgium:The center of Brussels is known as the petit ring, it is divided into three distinct districts. It is interestingly divided according to a family's social status. The lower town caters to the lower, and middle class families of Brussels, and the Upper town caters to the wealthy families of Brussels. These two areas are divided by a shopping boulevard that is dotted with shopping venues, bars, restaurants and cafes. Brussels is home to some of the finest chocolate in the world. The city has a number of museums, trendy districts, as well as pubs. The night life is vibrant, which seems to be something most cities in Europe have in common. Brussels is an interesting blend of history, and modernity. Factories border the 14th century walls that surround the city center, and Art Nouveau buildings give the city personality. Some other notable sites are Palais Royal, The Cathedral, The Musees Royaux des Beaux Arts, the Musees Royaux d'Art et d'Histoire, and the Atomium. Brussels is also famous for it's beer. One should also note that Brussels is considered one of the top cities in Europe for it's culinary genius.

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