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Chicago Mumbai $844 round trip
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Last Updated On: 12/5/2012

Istanbul, the name has always driven a lot of expectations from a vacationer’s perspective. The name Istanbul would make you start off those think tanks. The very moment you plan a vacation to this magical city, your mind gets flooded with a range of thoughts and ideas. Ideas about what all you might be able to do there, what all you would want to happen, how would all of it happen, thousands of things flooding in to one container. In simple words, your vacation starts the moment you think about it, and this effect only comes when you plan to tour the city of desires. Another encouraging about the whole idea of planning a trip of Istanbul is that you would be able to find a number of airline providers, offering cheap flight to Istanbul. You just need to research a little bit, compare all the options and go for an option which is fits your pocket.
Although there a numerous places to visit in Istanbul, there are certain spots which score high and certain which score higher. So choosing the best one can be difficult task, but can also be fun. The most popular of tourist attraction is the    Aqueduct of Valens, the most prized possession of Istanbul. The limestone structure of the valens would bring out the artist in you, and would be perfect way to start off your vacation. After a trip to valens the expectations may get high, but it is also a fact that for Istanbul the expectations are never too high. If you are an admirer of wondrous construction then you can plan a visit to Aya Sofia , the Galata Bridge, the Galata Tower etc. The historic sites of Istanbul give a picture of the cities moral foundations, and would give you an insight about how the city was born.
The best time to visit Istanbul is between April and May which is usually the spring season or during the autumn period between September and October. The city is also connected by a very good intercity transport system, so that you remain mobile all the time.
There are a number of airline providers which offer cheap flights to Istanbul. If you’re just done with the plan then option of last minute flights to Istanbul is also open.